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Customizable Course Resources by Module

These templates can be easily customized for your institution. You can fill out the information for your institution and share it as a resource for students, convert the document into an assignment and have students find the pertinent information, or use the template as an in-class assignment or activity and work on compiling information collaboratively.

These course resources are linked out to Google docs, so that they can be easily adjusted and customized for your own personal use. To do this, we recommend that you:

  1. Review the course resource within the google doc.
  2. Make a copy of the google doc to make any personal edits or changes.
Course Resource and Alignment
Course Resource Module
College History Fact Sheet Module 1: Motivating Success
Academic Honesty Pledge Module 1: Motivating Success
Career and Employment Resources Module 3: Career Exploration
Faculty Communications Guidelines Module 4: Community and Diversity
Community Resources Module 4: Community and Diversity
Technology and Online Learning Resources Module 6: Technology and Online Learning
Academic Resources Module 8: Study Skills and Module 9: Testing and Test Strategies
Physical and Mental Health Student Resources Module 10: Health Management
Financial Aid Guide Module 11: Financial Management

If you would like to include your own resources or have recommendations for additions or modifications, you are invited to contribute! If you would like to share your materials with other faculty and have them included in our list of options, please send them with an explanatory message to support@lumenlearning.com. Be sure to mention which course and learning outcome(s) they align with when you send a message.


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