35 Putting It Together: Technology and Online Learning

April Ring

Technology is ever evolving, and the skills and tools you need for success in your classes will change during your college experience. Be prepared to learn new software, programs, and techniques for your continued online success, but expect some hiccups along the way.

A student sitting in front of a desktop computer while writing in a notebook.Remember, as an online learner you are expected to engage in independent learning and take a more active role in your learning. This expectation will require you to plan, monitor, and evaluate your learning and manage your time effectively.

When you engage in an online course, you are still part of a community of learners. Do your best to communicate with your instructor and classmates using proper spelling and grammar and always treat others with respect and kindness.

While the Internet has been a gamechanger for how information is shared, it also provides those interested in lifelong learning with a number of options to stay on top of any topic. Remember, you should take steps to keep your personal information safe on the Internet. These steps mean understanding basic security risks and learning about what kinds of information about you is collected by the services you use.


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