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College Success Pacing

Lumen Learning’s College Success course features eleven modules. Our goal is to provide the infrastructure to support your learning objectives while providing flexibility to customize your course using your institutional resources. Many institutions offer different options for five, three, and one credit courses.

All of the modules are independent so you can choose which modules work best for your institution’s learning objectives. Simply un-publish the material you do not want to cover in your course using your learning management system. We are happy to help if you need more information.

If you need to modify the pace and cover the material more quickly, the following modules work well together:

    • Module 1 and Module 2
    • Module 6 and Module 7
    • Module 8 and Module 9

We recommend NOT doubling up Module 3: Career Exploration because students will need additional time for mastery, completion, and reflection.

If you need to extend the course, you could spend two weeks on Module 3: Career Exploration in order to give students time to reflect on their career goals and/or to further explore their interests. For instance, in the section about Career Paths, there are many videos to discuss in-class or on discussion boards. Many of our partners link local resources to their career and advising centers, and/or student organizations using their learning management system. We also recommend our Open Pedagogy Assignments.

Do you have questions about our pacing recommendations? Interested to hear more ideas about how our partners have integrated Waymaker into their first-year college experience courses? For more information, please contact, Alyson “Indy” Indrunas indy@lumenlearning.com


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