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We’ve seen overwhelming demand for high quality, openly-licensed course materials, including supplemental resources to enrich teaching and learning and to make life easier for instructors. To support this need, we’ve developed and curated faculty resources to use with this course.

Free and Open Supplemental Materials

On the following pages, you will find supplemental resources that are freely available to use with the interactive learning materials for this course. Since these resources are openly licensed, you may use them as is or adapt them to your needs.

Continuously Improving Learning Materials

Additional Lumen Resources

Lumen Learning is continually improving our courses and adding additional materials to help students learn. Here’s what’s new in this course:

Customizable Course Resources

These customizable course resource templates can be easily customized for your institution. You can fill out the information for your institution and share it as a resource for students, convert the document into an assignment and have students find the pertinent information, or use the template as an in-class assignment or activity and work on compiling information collaboratively.

Collaborating with Lumen

Are you interested in collaborating with us to make these course materials better? We use learning data to identify where content improvements are needed, and then we invite faculty and subject matter experts to work with us developing continuous improvements aimed at increasing learning.

Learn more from this blog post, or sign up here to join our continuous improvement mailing list and stay up to date about upcoming OER hackathons and other continuous improvement activities.


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