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Open Pedagogy Assignments and Alignment
Module Assignment
Module 1: Motivating Success Why Are You In College?
Module 1: Motivating Success Campus Resources Scavenger Hunt
Module 2: Goal Setting and Time Management Advise A Future Student
Assignments & Discussions and Alignment
Module Assignment Discussion
Module 1: Motivating Success Assignment: Why Are You in College?
Assignment: Campus Resources Scavenger Hunt
Discussion: New Responsibilities and Strategies
Module 2: Goal Setting and Time Management Assignment: Impact of Your Surroundings
Assignment: Advise A Future Student
Discussion: Identify Your Time Management Style
Module 3: Career Exploration Assignment: Cover Letter Discussion: Interview Question Types
Module 4: Community and Diversity Assignment: College Life: Seeing Diversity; Promoting Learning Discussion: Accessibility
Module 5: Thinking and Analysis Assignment: Learning Techniques Discussion: Learning Techniques
Module 6: Technology and Online Learning Assignment: Communicating Effectively With Your Professor in an Online Class Discussion: Researching Using the Internet
Module 7: Learning Strategies Assignment: Class Preparation Discussion: The Learning Process
Module 8: Study Skills Assignment: Presentation Strategies Discussion: Presentation Strategies
Module 9: Testing and Test Strategies Assignment: Empirical Support for Test Taking Strategies Discussion: Mistakes and Testing
Module 10: Health Management Assignment: Exercise Schedule Discussion: Exercise Schedule
Module 11: Financial Management Assignment: Budgeting Strategies Discussion: Working During College


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